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Park Home Repairs and Refurbishments | MPH Park Homes Ltd


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Park Home Refurbishments

We refurbish park homes internally & externally.

If you wish to update any or all of your park home, then please call for advice or a free, non obligation quote.

What we do

We have over 10 years experience offering you a professional "Park Home" inspection and assessment

of the base of your home with a full survey before any work is undertaken.

All Work comes with a 10 year guarantee

We have full public liability insurance

No Deposit required

Nothing to pay until 100% Fully Satisfied


Many park home owners share a common problem with cold floors in the home with draughts penetrating the floorboards.

MPH Park Homes Ltd, now offer an insulation system which provides up to eight times more insulation value of the current

park home BS3632 insulation standards.  The home is insulated with SUPERFOIL wrap system, which is totally impervious to

water, damp and rodents.  As it is fixed into place there are no seams and due to its closed cell structure all air gaps are eliminated.

We at MPH Park Homes Ltd., upgrade or repair all types of Park homes

We fit and supply modern roofing materials

(Deccra, Fibre, Rubber, Felt)

UPVC Fascias, Soffits and Gutters

Dry Ridge, Dry Verge

Thermal Vinyl Cladding

Roof repairs

Door & Windows

Roof Cleaning - Coatings

Windows and Doors

Metrotile roofing systems are ideal for the park homes.  It is a lightweight steel, the benefits of which are said to be better than the more traditional roof tile material. The benefits of using this roofing system is that they are:

Lightweight, Long Lasting, Low Maintenance, Lightweight, Low pitch, Photovoltaic System, Weather Tested, Ecological, Low Noise, Economical & Strong.

As the metrotile roofing system is lighter than the usual roofing materials it therefore, has less weight and stress on the structure and foundations of the building.


The Metrotile is 100% recycleable | All Metrotiles meet British and European Standards

Benefits From MPH Park Homes Ltd

MPH Park Homes Ltd. provides property maintenance services, carpentry repairs and total building maintenance for your mobile home.

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MPH Park Homes Ltd. pride ourselves on our friendly staff and quality of service.

MPH can provide emergency repair to damage caused by storms when you need us the most.

Our high performance roofing systems are a great fit to any mobile home.

We provide all kinds of roofing services and repairs.

Just Ask

We value quality for money as much as anyone, so we price our products and services to remain affordable to all of our clients. Ask for a free estimate today!

Only the best raw goods are used to ensure your total satisfaction.

All of our work is fully insured against accidental damage. Just sit back, relax, and let us do all the hard work.

Keep warm with MPH Park Homes.



Park Home Services at a glance

Under Floor Insulation, Chassis Repairs, Jack Replacements, Decra Tiles Repairs, uPVC Windows, Fascias and Soffits, Guttering, Thermal Cladding, Dry Roofing, Flat Roofing.